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Vasquez Rocks Adventure Elopement

Amanda + Megan

Today we "Boldly go where no one has gone before." Well, not literally but I thought a Star Trek quote would be a fun introduction to this beautiful adventure elopement. When Amanda and Megan moved to Southern California they fell head over heals in love with each other, and the high desert. When they talked about their ideal elopement location they knew that they wanted to incorporate their love for Southern Californias beautiful desert landscape. But they also knew that that they wanted to go somewhere that wasn't completely "overdone".

When I showed Amanda and Megan Vasquez Rocks Nature Park they instantly knew that that was the place that they wanted to tie the knot. Vasquez Rocks Nature Park is located in the high desert of East Los Angelas County. If the location looks familiar that's because this iconic landscape has been featured on over 175 productions (movies, television shows, and music videos).The most notable fan favorite being Star Trek. This location has been featured several times in both the film and television franchises.

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