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Utah State Capitol Elopement

Courtney + Andrew

Courtney and Andrew had always planned to elope on their anniversary. During their time at University together the couple had the opportunity to visit the Utah State Capitol Building. As soon as they stepped into the building they knew that this was the backdrop that they wanted for their elopement.

Unfortunately their plans had to be altered slightly. Surprise , surprise, but not really a surprise the Capitol Building was no longer allowing visitors due to Covid 19. And to top it all off a few days prior to their elopement the building was defaced which resulted in it being completely inaccessible .

Thankfully none of this really mattered to Courtney and Andrew. They were ready to be married and happy to work around these obstacles. As luck would have it the exterior of the building is just as beautiful as the interior. So we grabbed a couple of scooters and made the best of it. And gosh was it beautiful !

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