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Joshua Tree National Park Elopement Guide

Joshua Tree National Park is one of those most instantly recognizable places here in Southern California. This National Park is not only home to one but two vastly different desert ecosystems. The western part of the park lies in the Mojave Desert, while the eastern and southern portions are in the Colorado Desert. Joshua Trees are located in the high Mojave Desert where the weather is cooler.

If you are considering eloping in Joshua Tree National park timing is absolutely everything. The summer months can be quite harsh with temperatures averaging 100ºF+ in the summer and even snow fall in winter months. For a more comfortable experience Fall - Spring elopements are highly recommended.


A special use permit is required for both weddings and engagement photo sessions inside of Joshua Tree National Park. The cost of the wedding application is $120.00 and is non-refundable. Additional cost can vary depending on the size of your wedding and location. If you are hiring a professional photographer or cater they are required to obtain a separate Special Use Permit.

*If a permit is not obtained you are subject to a citation up to $500.00.

What can you have at your wedding?

Items that are permitted for a wedding

Arch, must be free-standing

Small table for guest book

Cooler with water

Live flowers

Battery-powered candles





Items not permitted for a wedding


Dried flowers

Non-battery powered candles


Any live animals, including doves, butterflies, etc





Smoke Bombs


Permits for filming/photography are only granted in the following locations:

  • Hidden Valley Picnic Area (Not available February–May)

  • Quail Springs (Not available February–May)

  • Cap Rock

  • Rattlesnake Picnic Area

  • Live Oak

  • Split Rock

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