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Big Sur, California Adventure Elopement

Kyle + Bethany

Bethany and Kyle had been following my work for quite some time so I was very honored when they reached out to me to help them plan their adventure elopement. When they initially contacted me they wanted to stay somewhere close to their home state of West Virginia. Before we were able to video chat they mentioned that they were also interested in heading out to California to combine their elopement with an awesome destination honeymoon. The only stipulation was that Bethany wanted amazing coastal views.

Of course my first location recommendation was Big Sur. This 90 mile stretch of rugged coastline along Highway 1 is often referred to as one of the top scenic drives in the United States. Along this drive you will find several breathtaking State Parks and countless scenic vistas making this location perfect for an all day adventure elopement. The only downside to Big Sure is that there are so many different locations to choose from that sometimes it is a little hard to fit everything into one full day.

The most popular time of year to visit Big Sur is April - October. Just be advised that sometimes Highway 1 can be closed due to mud slides or fires . Also the Big Sur state parks only issue one “official” permit per day for elopements inside the State Parks. But there are a few beautiful locations that do not require permits and having your elopement on private land is also a great option.

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