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Big Cottonwood Canyon Elopement

Jess + Bryce

I have said it once and I will say it again, the state of Utah has some of the most amazing and diverse landscapes I have ever seen. Salt Lake City is no exception. Earlier in the month I had the pleasure of traveling up that way from San Diego to shoot 2 elopement. One at The Utah State Capitol and one at The Great Salt Air. Here we are again in a totally different landscape less than 30 minutes from the city center.

Big Cotton Wood Canyons 15 miles of scenic byway hosts incredible views and a variety of outdoor recreational activities. In the summer months the canyon is full of greenery but in the winter the canyon turns into a snow filled winter wonderland. Many Salt Lake City locals enjoy hiking, camping, skiing in the canyon.

There are many amazing locations to elope in the Canyon but one of the more popular and easily accessible locations is Jordan Pines Campground. When visiting this location you want to avoid attempting to go into the actual campground. There is free parking just off of the main road and the location is immediately accessible and within walking distance.

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