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Big Bear Mountain Winter Engagement Session

Megan + Minh


High School Sweetheart Megan, a kindergarten teacher, and Minh, an automotive designer, have finally decided to tie the knot. These Texas natives are currently living their best lives in Los Angeles County but have decided to celebrate their nuptials back home in Texas with friends and family. For their December 2020 wedding they decided on a classic but elegant winter wonderland theme. So the couple was determined to have their engagement photos taken in the snow.

When most people think of SoCal they think of our beautiful beaches and diverse desert landscapes. So most people are surprised that it actually snows here. Big Bear Mountain, just a short 2 hours from both San Diego and Los Angelas, is one of Southern Californias most popular summer and winter destinations. Winter activities include skiing , snow boarding, sledding, and hiking. Once the snow thaws and things start to warm up the mountain town of Big Bear lake transforms from a snow filled winter wonderland to a bright and warm lakeside destination that hosts a variety of outdoor activities. Some of our favorites are kayaking on Big Bear Lake

(swimming too), hiking the Castle Rock Trail, and the Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain.

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